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Welcome to Allianz Global Investors US

Allianz Global Investors US provides investment solutions across equity, fixed income and alternative asset classes. Our portfolio management teams in Dallas, New York and San Diego operate autonomously and share a best-in-class business framework. We seek to deliver insight, clarity and reliability. We are Designed to Perform™.

Investment Solutions

Allianz Global Investors US comprises entrepreneurial investment platforms focused on pursuing outperformance through thoughtful and disciplined investment processes. Our well-resourced teams bring deep knowledge of the securities and markets in which they invest, and manage portfolios designed to deliver risk-controlled, consistent performance results.

Investment Highlights

In our view, a focus on the emerging market consumer is the best way to capitalize on future growth opportunities in these countries.The Future of Emerging Markets

Investment management services

Investment management services are provided by Allianz Global Investors US and NFJ Investment Group ("NFJ"). NFJ is a SEC registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of Allianz Global Investors US.

Market Intelligence

Fiscal Cliff Obscures Fading Fundamentals Institutional Use


Our investment experts break down the Fed’s announcement of another round of quantitative easing, what it means for markets, the economy and corporate earnings and how investors can best position their portfolios.


We explore the contours of the U.S. debt problem in the attached white paper


​An investment in Micro Cap Stocks should be considered as a practical supplement or complement to private equity





More Articles and Research

Project M

Project M
Allianz Global Investors’ stakeholder magazine features compelling articles, in-depth research and thought-provoking viewpoints by leading figures.
Project M

New Behavioral Finance Center

Allianz Global Investors' behavioral finance center is committed to providing financial advisors, investors and plan sponsors with information and resources to help them make better financial decisions.

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